Aligning Goals with Values

I read a post on Precision Nutritions' Facebook page about aligning our goals with our values when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Dr. Berardi uses an exercise called "The Five Whys", where you ask why when you consider undertaking a nutrition or … [Read more]

Setbacks and Sabotage on the Road to Health

For those who made a commitment to health at the beginning of the year, or for those who work at regularly staying healthy, the way forward can be difficult. I posted a link on our Facebook page yesterday comparing the diets of 5 different regions of … [Read more]

The Psychology of Eating

As a fitness professional, my role regarding nutrition is limited to guidance and sharing my personal experiences, as well as the struggles and successes of my clients. I am an ardent believer in staying within ones' scope of practice in the … [Read more]